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Dec 16, 2019

Good Evening to all,

I have an old safety video that I am trying to get to play.  The CD was given to me so I have no idea software used to create\versions\etc, just that it will not play.  I can offer that it is several years old, as it is marked created in 2008 and there is an icon that says Articulate Powered Presentation in the bottom left corner.

 When I launch the CD it wants admin rights to run LaunchPresentation.exe.  I provide admin credentials and it loads but the screen is just blank with some player controls at the bottom and a line that says presentation complete.  There is a server2go component that also runs, but I can only get that to stay running if I run the exe in compatibility mode.  I have Windows 10, 7 and I even tried loading a machine with XP and running it in IE6, 7 and 8.  In XP I could get the topics, but no videos.  As soon as I loaded Flash, same thing, blank screen with player controls, no content.  I have attached a screenshot of the final product.  

I can offer this, the presentation should be many content frames or slides with videos on the left side with the slide contents on the right.  It is a forklift training video.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.  I know its not much to go on, but hopefully somebody will have a suggestion.  Thanks in advance.

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