Presenter '13 not playing correctly in Chrome

Nov 19, 2019

Hi! We have used Presenter '13 for a while for internal courses, and we tell everyone to use IE and not Chrome to play the courses. We recently started to have consumer-facing courses, and we'd prefer not to tell consumers which browser to use. Is there a way to make Presenter '13 courses compatible with Chrome?


Currently all hotspot questions are marked incorrect and the sound doesn't always play (though sometimes it does)

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Steve. Happy to help, and great question!

Presenter '13 courses are compatible with the latest version of Google Chrome. Click here for a list of supported browsers and mobile apps for viewing published Studio '13 content!

Now, to dive into the issues you're seeing!

  1. Mismarked hotspot questions: We have an open issue where hotspot quizzes get scored incorrectly when the Quiz Slide is a custom slide size that is different than the Presenter slide size (HTML5 output). Does that match your set-up?
  2. No sound: Could you share more detail on the audio type?

If it's easier to share an affected Articulate Package with us, we're happy to test it with your permission. You can send it privately to us by using this link. We'll delete it after troubleshooting both behaviors!

Steve Caponigri

1. Nope, I left the quiz slides as default. 

2. There are 3 different audio types in the course. Some audio is in an .mp4 video that plays automatically on the slide. Some is an imported .mp3 file, and some was recorded as narration.  the imported sound (.mp4 and .mp3) seems to always plat. The recorded narration always plays in IE, but only plays about 25% of the time in Chrome.

I thought for sure it was browser-related, since it does work perfectly in IE.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Steve!

You're not wrong to think it's a browser issue! It could definitely be the case! It can be hard to nail down the culprit without testing the file in different environments.

You'll see here that there are specific system requirements for viewing published Presenter 13 content. For example, we recommend using the latest version of Chrome which works with both HTML5 and Flash output. Internet Explorer is specific to flash content, so the issues with audio could be based on how the course is published.

How are you publishing the course? 

Like Katie mentioned, we are always happy to test your file! You can send it privately to us by using this link. We'll delete it after troubleshooting both behaviors!

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