Presenter '13 Publish to Lossless Quality Setting?

Apr 06, 2015

We've built a course in Presenter '13 and have noticed there is no option to publish to "Lossless" image quality like there was in Presenter '09. 

We want to be able to  view the course (which is all vector based) with the largest browser possible. But when we publish, it seems to compress or degrade the vector images used.

We've already tried increasing the quality to the highest option available. Does anyone have a workaround? Suggestions?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Baden!

Here are a few recommendations for achieving the highest quality published output:
*  Import high quality audio files or record your narration in Articulate Presenter.
*  Use high resolution images and videos.
*  Lock your presentation at optimal size to prevent scaling:
*  Increase the video, audio, and image quality settings when you publish:
Be aware that raising the quality also means larger published file sizes and longer download times. If learners have high speed Internet connections, they probably won't notice longer download times, but it could frustrate learners with slow Internet connections.
Baden Brewer

Hi Leslie, 

Thanks for responding. We develop a lot of courses using all vector images, and it's just sad that publishing can't take advantage of those images. 

Locking the presentation at optimal size is still just a very small view for our uses. 

Besides file size, was there a reason for removing the Lossless publish option? It just feels like a step back from Presenter '09.


Baden Brewer


After playing around a bit, I found one of the issues thanks to your documentation links.

When creating the original PowerPoint document, our designer had selected the standard "16:9" PowerPoint slide size instead of creating a custom slide size of 1280x720.

I do still think this is an issue with vector images being compressed. Even when we had the 960x540 publish, the vector text/font would look fine and uncompressed when scaled, but the vector graphics were being compressed when published. So, I think it would be good to include a Lossless option in the future.

Going forward we will be sure to set up our source PowerPoint documents as Widescreen (1280 x 720) to get the higher resolution needed.


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