Presenter 360 and QuizMaker 360 prompting for Flash

I have Articulate 360 (not Teams) and this morning I started getting prompts when opening Powerpoint (and QuizMaker) that they require Flash Player 10 or higher. (image attached)

I've been using Presenter for two weeks since my company turned off Flash. (Still updating those courses we missed last year.)

I thought earlier versions of Presenter needed Flash, but that Presenter 360 did not. Help!

Thanks in advance.

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Katie Riggio

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for raising this. As you share, Studio 360 doesn't have any Flash dependencies, so let's get to the bottom of that "Flash required" message together!

First, we're having trouble recreating that error when opening any app from the Studio 360 suite. A few clarifying questions:

  • Which version of Windows are you running? We tested in version KB4598242 and version KB4577586—the Flash-removal update.
  • Which update of Presenter, Engage, and Quizmaker are you using?
  • Does the message appear when you open the app, try to upgrade a file, or?

Any clues you could provide there are greatly appreciated!

Jeff Zoller

Hey Katie! Thx for the help.

Win 10 v1809 and I do have patch KB4577586

Articulate 1.48.24116.0

I've had the upgrade prompt for about a year but had issues when it attempted to find a Visual C++ file, so just left it alone. Although Flash stopped working on 1/12, I was able to use Presenter and Quizmaker until 1/27 when several patches were installed including KB4577586. I started getting the prompt in the image above when opening PPT and QM.

Uninstalled and reinstalled versions of Visual C++ which got me past the original problem but still would not upgrade. I uninstalled Articulate 360 and attempted to reinstall it. It downloads and installs almost to 100% before it locks up (image below). I have to end the process. (...and all this w/ multiple reboots.) Sometimes I've received the message that another installation is happening and it errors out.

Thanks for checking on this...