Presenter 360 HTML5 output - Notes Tab Not Formatting Correctly

We're using Sutdio 360 to publish HTML5 output for LMS.  We have speaker notes formatted correctly in the PowerPoint. However, when played after publish, the Notes tab is not formatted correctly.

  • Headings on engage slides notes are not bolded
  • Some bullets are not formatted as bullet points
  • Some slides show smaller notes font size than others (it's not the textbox resizing issue)

Is there a known workaround for this? I've looked in all of the forums that I could find (most were outdated anyway).  Our clients rely on the notes tab for close captioning purposes and it needs to be formatted correctly. We did not have this problem when publishing as flash output. What can we do to fix the problem. Please give specific instructions.

Thank you,

Amber Caceres

Quality Assurance - OSI

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Amber. I'm sorry you're seeing inconsistency with your Notes formatting with embedded interactions. We have two issues documented for this:

  • Engage Notes are appearing smaller than the rest of the Notes in the presentation
  • Bullets and Bold formatting are not working correctly for Engage Notes

This discussion and your support case have been added to our documentation so we can keep you up to date!