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May 11, 2011

Has anyone tried using content published with Presenter on an Android tablet? I'm specifically thinking of trying it on a Nook Color. The latest update for the NC has Flash support. It seems like a good alternative for an iPad or other tablets since it has an excellent screen, Flash support & is only $249.



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David Pesce

Launching it via the player.html file is a bit quirky. We've found it's easiest to launch it via the ..player/playershell.swf file. This way it fills up the entire screen and the buttons seem to respond to touch better. As I posted before, videos and externally loaded flash content doesn't play.

So if you're doing a generic course with only Presenter slides, Engage assets, and QuizMaker quizzes you should be fine with your normal development process.

I'll return to this post if we find anything that resolves the external content issues.

Jim Dickeson


Any more headway on this issue?  I was just playing with a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 at BestBuy, I think with the Android 3.1 OS.  I was a little disappointed, but am hoping it was a download ?bandwidth issue.

My test was to go to my web site where I have some Articulate courses, so I was pulling this in over the internet., something that works fine using a normal PC.  But it was painfully slow to load, and the navigation buttons were extremely unresponsive, thought this may have been that download bandwidth issue.

My intent for a tablet is not to actually deliver training to tablets.  Rather I want something handheld that can demo my product at trade shows (sans booth) and networking events.  I want to just walk around holding a tablet.  So I won't need to pull this in over the internet.  Rather I'm looking to load my demo training onto the tablet and run it locally.

So, has anyone had success running locally on a Samsung Galaxy?  Does it overcome my disappointment at Best Buy?

How about other devices, such as the Motorola Xoom?


David Pesce


We've had very similar issues. I've tried a few individual apps that allow you to launch .swf files separately, but all of them had problems.

Possible options include:

With Adobe abandoning the Flash platform on mobile devices I think it'd be a better idea to switch to another technology to showcase your work. Articulate Storyline is just around the corner and is stating HTML5 compatibility. I'm curious to see how it turns out.

You can make a custom skin for articulate player that has larger buttons, which should help a bit when selecting the controller buttons.

Another option is to use a screen recording tool to capture your course in a video format. It limits interactivity, but gets the point across.

I hope that helps a bit. The eLearning industry is in a bit of an awkward time. Until new devices and technologies standardize, it's going to be uncomfortable for all of us.

Jim Dickeson

Yes, I've been holding my breath on Storyline (and wondering if existing Articulate Presenter users will get a significant discount - hint, hint), but it's been at least a year and my face is turning blue.  I've got an upcoming need breathing down my back.

In my BestBuy test, it wasn't the size of the buttons that were an issue.  It was their seeming unresponsiveness, but again that may be due to download bandwidth issues.

I thought about screen capture video as a somewhat less desirable workaround.  And if I did that, I could actually use the iPad I already have (lying around not doing much anyway).

Still, I've seen Articulate courses run on a smart phone running and Android OS, so I'm really hoping for that.

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