Presenter Audio - cannot advance slides - control faded out

I'm new to Presenter. I'm trying to record narration, but my controls do not look like what is shown in the training materials.  Also my "Options" window is much more limited than what is shown in the training materials.  My real problem at the moment is that as soon as I click on "Record", the slide advance grays out and I cannot move on to the next slide.  Does anyone recognize these issues and what could be causing them?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Anne!  Thanks for reaching out.  Welcome to the Articulate user family! ☺️

Your Presenter options window looks right to me.  Here's what you can do with that tab.  Were you looking for other options?  Show me what you saw in the training materials, and I can point you in the right direction!

You can record narration for one slide at a time using the narration window.  The Previous and Next buttons are for when you'd like to move to the next slide to manage narration there.  If you need to split your narration across multiple slides, however, here's how.

I hope that helps a bit!  Let me know what else I can do for you.