Presenter file not updating with Powerpoint changes

Hi - New to Articulate.  I'm using Presenter '13, and it appears that my Powerpoint file and Presenter files aren't communicating.  I will save a new version of my Powerpoint File, and don't see a new version of my Presenter file.  When I open the updated Powerpoint file and try to view the changes, it seems to have reverted back to the older audio and video.  Any help is appreciated.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lisa!

Is the Powerpoint file and its corresponding ppta file saved to the same folder? If not, that could be the culprit.

To fix it, simply place the original ppta file in the same folder as the PowerPoint file, and make sure it has the same name as the PowerPoint file. (If you moved the PowerPoint file, you may need to check the original folder where it was stored to locate the original ppta file.)

As long as the PowerPoint file and the original ppta file are in the same folder and have the same name, they'll re-link and your audio & video will be restored.

Let me know if that helps!