Presenter hyperlink paths and web object issues


We have a requirement to link text to html files whose folders reside in the data/downloads folder.

We have run into 2 issues, as follows:

Issue 1:

Example 1:

Click HERE to open the file in a new window. HERE links to data/downloads/folder1/index.html

The problem:

When you publish in Presenter, the whole folder structure under your project folder gets deleted and rebuilt. This causes all the data/download sub folders to get deleted and they do not get restored afterward.

At this point I manually copy them back and view the published project.

Why does Presenter delete the project?

Can this be configured differently?

Issue 2:

Example 2:

Click HERE to open the file in a new window. HERE links to data/downloads/folder1/index.html

The problem:

When I locate my custom html using the Insert Hyperlink window, then browse to the html start file, Existing file or webpage, the path to that file is a full URL. I then pair it down to being a relative URL, and it does not work when published.

We must have this because our courses "may" be used offline AND due to the nature of our courses, we must keep the user within the structure.

Why does Presenter have issues with relative URL's?

How can I overcome this issue.

Both the issues above occur for hyperlinks and for web objects.

SWF files all seem to work, get rebuilt during publish, etc.

I have gone through all the forum entries related to this topic and have not found the solution.

Thanks for your time,

Dennis Hall

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Dennis and welcome to Heroes!

For issue #1, that is by design so nothing you can do about that.

For issue #2  I am guessing that you are using PowerPoint 2010 which has a bug with hyperlink paths where it breaks the path and there isn't much you can do about that unless you point to a file that is not in a directory path. Like:




You can learn more about hyperlink support here.

Dennis Hall

Hi Justin:

Thanks for the quick reply.

Taking your advice, I kept one index.html in the data\downloads folder and Hyperlinked index.html in a slide. The resulting test told me what I figured it would... "Error 404: pathname\project folder\index.html could not be found"

I also copied index.html to the project folder level and hyperlinked in exactly the same way. The resulting test failed because the file was deleted on republish.

One thing to mention: When I hyperlink to a file in a sub folder, and that hyperlink opens in a new window, it always works, however, when I use that exact same path and file in a web object, it always fails.

One final thing to mention: When i open a hyperlink in a new window, and the window is not set to full screen (example: 500 X 350) and also has no browser controls set, in the web object settings, the new window still opens full screen and contains all the browser controls and tool bars.

Any work arounds for this?