pRESENTER keeps crashing on publishing

I am trying to publish a presentation I've published dozens of times before. I'm NOW upgraded to the july 21st version and this particular file (and others too, but not all) keeps crashing when I try to publish it.. No explanation. Just says "thank you for submitting". Crash reports are filed with my email address

I have a customer waiting for an urgent update of my course -- there was an error in a quiz question (did not have the correct answer specified) that just fixed (by specifying the correct choice and then trying to republish). Crashes every time about half way through 40 slides.


Windows 8 with the JUly 21st update of presenter (build 3 1407.1717)

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Jim Powell

For what it's worth, I reinstalled the OLD versions and don't have the problem anymore. Maybe if I wait a couple of months I'll try again.

When you say "those requests" -- do you mean my question?

I'm just asking if you or anyone knows whether there's an issue with 64 bit visual studio 2010 and a 32 bit version of powerpoint.