Presenter not publishing Player folder, doesn't present

I relaunched a presentation to make some final adjustments and then I published it.  But now nothing appears in the browser that pops up when I click to "view my presentation".  I looked at the published files and its no longer creating a "player" folder.  I then tried uninstalling and reinstalling Articulate Studio, and reinstalling Flash player.  To no avail.  I can't get my project to publish correctly any more. 

Upon reinstalling Articulate Studio I got the error message "Articulate FLV player has stopped working".  I saw a series of earlier posts on "PC Tools" doing something to bring up this error message.  But I'm not using PC Tools.

Even still, I re-installed Articulate as the post suggested.  No change.

Any ideas what might be going on? 


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Brian Batt

Hi Whit,

After publishing a presentation with Presenter '09, you may experience the following issues: 

1. The "View Presentation" button does not open the presentation when clicked 

2. After clicking "Open Folder", you only see a data folder without the supporting files 

To resolve the issue, use the following method: 

1. Close PowerPoint and all of the Articulate programs 

2. Open the temporary directory on your machine by opening My Computer & typing the following in the address bar: 


3. Open the Articulate folder 

4. Delete all of the folders in the Articulate folder 

5. Restart PowerPoint 

6. Republish your presentation 

This should resolve the issue. 

Dawn Strobach

Was there ever any resolution to this?  I am now having exactly the same issue... I am publishing a presentation with multiple engage interactions, plus a quiz, and the player folder is not publishing.  I tried the solution above, only to discover that when I went back into TEMP to delete the folders again, it only re-created the presenter folder...


Whit Eldridge

I guess that my presentation and possibly yours Dawn, just got corrupted somehow.  My other presentations are publishing correctly.  Support recommended reinstalling ms office. This might have fixed it, but its a fairly hefty time burn, so I opted for a quick fix to address the output rather than the source of the problem.

I considered rebuilding my presentation by dropping my slides in one by one to a new uncorrupt presentation.  However with 45 slides, audio, attachments, slide properties, etc, that seemed like a potential mess.

I ended up copying a previous player folder from a recent version of the same project into my publish folder.  Its a workaround rather than a true resolution.  But it gets it out the door.

Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Andrew.

I see that you sent your Presenter Package to Cleo Sinues last evening for troubleshooting.  I'll let Cleo continue the conversation there.

I'm very sorry to hear that you are experiencing so much general frustration with the Articulate software.  I am linking to your post here on that topic, and I see that David has provided a response to a few of your issues there.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

Michael Nealon

Hi everyone. I'm having this same issue and that's how I found this thread, but I just wanted to make a suggestion.

Thanks, Whit Eldridge. Your suggestion worked as a quick fix for us. I would still like to see a post that addresses the underlying issue, though, so this problem could be avoided in the future.

Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon Michael, and welcome to Heroes!

Did you attempt Brian's suggestion to clean up the temp folder?  Can you replicate the issue with a completely new presentation?

If the problem is specific to one presentation, you may be experiencing file corruption that could have been caused by any number of factors.  If the problem is not file-specific, however, I would recommend submitting a Support Case so that we can take a closer look at the problem with you.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!