Presenter output has alignment problems


I changed the default ppt size to (12Wx9H). I have added some animation in my ppt. when i publish the files i faced serious alignment issues. I changed the default ppt page size so that i can import my articulate files into my flash template. The flash template size is (12x9). It is created in AS2.

Is there any way to fix this?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Srini! If you've published via Articulate Presenter and part of your presentation is cut off in the Articulate Player, you're likely using an unsupported slide size in PowerPoint -> File -> Page Setup. Articulate Presenter only supports on-screen show.  There is a blog post that explains this further.

If that does not work, please package your course and submit it to us so that support can take a look.

Srinivas T


Thanks for your help. I did changed the presentation size. I have used the custom size 12 inches x 9 inches in my ppt. Articulate warned me before publishing this file but i ignored it because i am going to use the Flash template not articulate so it won't be a problem. I understand my mistake i will tell my GD's to change the template size to 10 inches x 7.5 inches.