Presenter: Use same presenter over and over

I'm working on multiple PPTX/Presenter projects with different presenters set under Presentation Options. If I want to use one over and over, the template doesn't seem to bring the information over via XML file that is loaded. Is there a way to reuse without having to set the presenter (Name, Logo, etc) each time?

I have also found that when I created a new PPTX and compile with Articulate, sometimes it seems to pick up the presenter from a previous file, even when I change it. 


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April Edmonds

Clarify: I created a template file (makes a .XML File), with the way I want it. However, when I compile it is picking up a different presenter and logo from a project I worked on previously. 

Also, in sometimes with the template file I make and call from one presentation to another, it doesn't save the presenter/logo. 

It is almost like a cache/no cache issue. 

Justin Wilcox

Hi April. When you publish your presentation you must select the player template, presenter, logo in the publishing wizard. It's not possible to apply these universally. You mus select them when you publish your presentation. Once you have published your presentation with the items selected, they are saved so that you don't have to select them each time for that particular presentation.

April Edmonds

I see I have more than one listed. One (In Project) and another listed that doesn't say "In Project". For some reason,  some of my other projects, I just select the drop down when compiling, and the info is there. However, sometimes I do not select either, and a presenter/logo appear from another project that is not being used.