Jan 30, 2017

I want the student to wait until the Audio has finished for a slide. Hence, I don't want the "NEXT" button to show up until the Audio for that slide has finished. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

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Leslie McKerchie

Right you are Juergen. Unfortunately triggers are not a part of Presenter either, so you would need to utilize the built in navigation restrictions of either Restricted or Locked as this tutorial explains. This will not hide the Next button as you asked, but will prevent the user from skipping over the content and/or not listening to the narration.

Juergen Ahlmann

Thanks for clarifying this Leslie. That is what I was afraid of. I am using the navigation available. That all works fine except, there is a button that says NEXT. In Presenter 09 it was simple. The NEXT or PLAY button started to flash blue when the student was able to move to the next slide. This little feature was removed in Presenter 13. Considering the stupid students I am dealing with, I will have to re-think everything.

Thanks for your help.


Dave Neuweiler

Hello Juergen, while this is not an ideal solution, it is doable in Presenter '13.

In Slide Properties, turn off both the PREV and NEXT buttons so that they will not appear in the player.

Then on each screen in PowerPoint, Insert your own navigation icons. PowerPoint has a few basic ones that you could use.

Since you have control over all of the PowerPoint elements, you could program an on-click animation to make the NEXT button appear at the end of your narration.

Best Regards,




Juergen Ahlmann

I know it's been over a week and I have spent a lot of time on this, with NO luck at all. So, Dave can you steer me in the right direction? I cannot see how I can use the Articulator recording/audio to determine the end of a slide in order to let the next button appear. I am rather disappointed that something like this was overlooked in Presenter 13 when it was obviously a most useful feature in Presenter 09. Frankly, I am not thrilled with the fact that the naming conventions changed from 09 to 13. The reasons become obvious. Consider, in 09 the output was (ignoring the long path in between) player.html. Now it is presentation.html. For the moment I shall refrain from mentioning other things.

Looks to me the best way is to rewrite the entire course in php and kiss Articulater farewell. And, should I do that, I will ensure the world will know about it. Perhaps you think "he is ticked off". Wrong, I am far more than ticked off.

Nevertheless, thanks for "YOUR" help!!!


Juergen Ahlmann

Good morning Crystal,

I looked into the trigger controls. It looks like one could do something like what I need to do. However, from what I can figure out: the 30 hour audio is embedded in Articulator (Presenter) . The audio files are not attached to the PowerPoint slides. So, unless I am missing something, in order to make it work, I would have to re-arrange the entire course to accomplish what was an automatic function in Presenter 09. 

Juergen Ahlmann

No, each slide has it's own audio file which was imported by Presenter 09. A number were recorded with Presenter 09. Now, please remember what I had complained about. It's the presence of the "NEXT" button whilst the audio is playing, giving the impression that one can move forward. Inevitably creating frustration as the teenage students want to move on as quickly as possible to finish the course. Unfortunately, a lot of teenagers don't want to learn anything. They want to finish the course in order to get a license. 

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