Problem Web Publish - lose changes between publishings

This has happened to me and several of my team members and vendor partners, and it is a costly and time consuming issue. It doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen frequently and to different users at different times on different PCs. None of us share a PC. None of us share connectivity in the same office. We all installed our Articulate Studio 09 applications independently, and at different times. The problem seems to be within the Articulate tools. I will describe my issue from today, it is identical with the issues experienced by my peers. This is lengthy, but then I've lost an entire day of production, so bear with me please...

Today (and not the first time this has happened to me or any of us), I'm updating a course - 10 modules with a number of topics per module - Engage and Quizmaker interactions etc. I am replacing all the text content in the course:

  1. I click the 'Edit in Engage' button from Presenter, my Engage interaction(s) open
  2. I edit in my changes, preview my interaction(s) to validate ... then 'Save and Return to Presenter'
  3. In Presenter I can see my changes reflected in the normal PowerPoint view... all text changes
  4. I do an interim Publish to the Web option, as I proceed through the Modules of my course - publishing to validate after each Module (because I now know Articulate is going to lose my changes at some point)
  5. Here's the good part... after the first publish my changes are intact
  6. I publish to Web again after another Module has been edited... this time 'some' of my changes did not stick, so I 'Edit in Engage' again... validate... re-publish... All my changes stick this time
  7. I edit another Module, and another, I publish to Web... this time ALL of my changes have disappeared from my published Web version... BUT I can still see my changes in the PowerPoint view of Presenter, and when I open the Engage interactions independently, Engage has maintained my changes.

Can anyone please explain how and why this happens? Please advise us how to prevent this from happening. Again, this consistent (ill) behavior of the tools has been experienced by 5 of us, at different times, on different PCs, in 4 different offices. There have been multiple occurances of this for all of us within the last 6 months... most recently for me - today. Please help if you know how. Thanks.... JB

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David Anderson

Hey JB,

I'm sure you already have this option enabled, but can you just verify that "Update Quizmaker quizzes and Engage interactions before publishing" is selected in your presentation options?

One thing to try is to save your presentation with a new name. Some browsers and settings will cache the files which causes similar inconsistencies. Probably not what's happening with your files, but just another thing to ensure you've at least tried.

Lastly, the most important thing would be to ensure you're by no means working from a network drive or external hard drive. This is the most common reason for files failing to update.

JB ...

Hi David... and thanks very much for your quick response.

I've been an Articualte user for several years, as have my team members. Considering the amount of time I've been a user and the number of versions of the Articulate applications I've upgraded from and to, I have to say I've only noticed since Articulate Studio '09. 

Speaking for myself... check, check and check on all 3 of the suggestions you have provided. I'll pass this on to my team members and ask them if  the same is true for them, or if they've overlooked any of the suggestions you've made.

I contiue to track and troubleshoot this behavior and will post any findings I come across, in case others out there are experiencing anything similar.

Again, thanks for the suggestions and your response...very much appreciated.