Problems embedding a Vimeo video in Presenter


I embedded a Vimeo video following the tutorial. When I go to "Preview slide", the video is displayed without problems, but when I publish it, I cannot see the video.

Using Internet Explorer as a browser, I get the following error message:

"Line: 53
Error: Object required",

which it does not appear in Firefox.

The video tutorial does not mention that we need to move the index files to any of the folders within the final published package (I am publishing the presentation as Scorm 1.2 package).

Have anyone else encountered the same problem ?

Thank you very much.

Mari Cruz

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Mari Cruz Garcia

Thanks Brian, but the player doesn't show the videos in Firefox either. As we are using an index.html file, I wonder if we have to move this last file to the player folder or to create some additional code in the videoplayer.html file.

I am going to research more into this, but what I have done in the meantime is to use videos from YouTube.

Brian Batt

Hi Mari,

You might want to actually upload your published content online.  Sometimes, when you're viewing offline content (Articulate published content) mixed with online content (Vimeo or Youtube videos), browsers tend to prevent the online content from displaying due to security reasons.  Thus, uploading your content online & testing it online should resolve the issue.