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Feb 11, 2014

I'm having a lot of problems publishing a PPT presentation to a LMS.  Once I publish the slides and zip the file, most of the images aren't there.  I'm using Articulate Studio '09 and it's quickly becoming the worst software I've ever used.  I've recently had the software reloaded onto my workstation and that didn't seem to help.  I've published this same presentation more than 20 times and it always leaves either images or text out.

If anyone has any ideas why the software is not working as expected, please let me know.


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Kevin Webb

Hi Justin,

I have had this problem for a while.  I have published this course both with engage interactions and without and neither publish with all of the images or required files.  For example, when I publish the version with the interactions, in the zip file I can go into the data/swf folders and into each engage folder and some have jpgs and html files and some only have integration.xml files and that's it.  So I know all of the files aren't being published properly.

I really can't send you the Articulate file because it resides on a classified network and I don't have Articulate Studio on my unclassified network.  I do, however, have the PPT presentation that I created prior to transferring it to the other network if you think that would help.  One thing that I thought was hindering the process is that the text boxes covered some of the images, so I went back through the PPT presentation and made sure that the images weren't covered by the text boxes on the slides, but that didn't seem to help when published.

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