Problems Recording Audio in Presenter


I'm experiencing a set of problems while recording audio in Presenter.

While in the Narration window, I can click the START RECORDING button, record, and stop recording. But I am having trouble clicking other buttons and having them actually work after that (next screen, save and close, etc.). Plus, I seem to be getting a "double" screen.

I read your support materials in your online help section, and it says this is a known issue, and if I got update 5 I'd be OK.

So, I went to my product purchase confirmation email, clicked the download link, downloaded the product again, and I am still having the same problem.

Any ideas? 

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jeffrey,

I'm a little concerned with the "double" window you're seeing. Do you mean that two instances of the recording screen are opening? If so, are you double-clicking to launch it, by any chance?

I'm not sure if this is what's happening, but it sounds like it's opening twice, that's why you're not able to interact with certain buttons on the window and have to switch to the duplicate in order to get it to close. Is this right?



Jeffrey Dalto

Good morning, Christine, and thanks for getting back.

I DON"T THINK I'm clicking anything twice, but I'll check that out and get back to you.

I think I just clicked the Narration button once (this happened every single time I did it), and the recording screen would open. On that open screen, I'd click the Record button, speak, and then I could click the Stop Record button. But then I couldn't click any of the other buttons on that screen (like the one to save and return).

Eventually, I discovered that if I alt-tabbed, I open a second window with the same recording options, and the buttons on that screen were active.

Before I posted here about this issue, I searched your website and found a page devoted to what sounded like exactly the same issues I was having (a "double" record window and parts of the screen that were inactive/unclickable).

I've got a few other things to do right at the beginning of the day today, but I'll try to confirm I wasn't doing anything stupid like clicking twice and I'll also try to get the URL on your own page where I found that note.

Have a good one,