Problems with audios

Hi everybody,

Hope someone could help me.

Randomizely, we are having problems with audios. For example, we have a pptx document with 36 slides. When we preview or publish this presentation and check if everything is ok, we realize that in one slide we listen audio of 2 more slides and the audio of this slide together.

The only solution that we found is repeat again each element of this slide and the next 2 slides in a different powerpoint document and copy and paste again in original presentation. Then we import audio and syncronize again.

What can we do? Is there anybody who has the same issue? Could you fix it and how did you do it?

“Sorry for my English. It is not my mother tong and I think I did a lot of mistakes (hope, at least, it is understandable)”

Thank you in advanced,


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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Iratxe!

If you have a published presentation in which audio from multiple slides is playing simultaneously, it may indicate that there are PowerPoint shapes (text boxes or objects) in your presentation that have been named with special characters. You can correct this issue. Here’s how: 
Robert Ashford

Hi everyone.

I'm having a similar but different problem. One slide in the middle of a PowerPoint presentation plays the sound file twice ie sound starts and a second or so later it plays the sound file again so that you hear the sound as an echo. if you move back to the previous slide and then move forward again the slide plays normally. Can anyone help here.

Robert Ashford

Hi and thanks.

I do have animations (just like all the other slides in the show) i.e. Backgroundappears and sound starts, text and images appearing, sond file ends. All other slides - no problem. This slide animations work as should - sound file starts but (with different delays on different occaisions) it starts a second time - giving an echo effect.

I have tried recreating this file but the same thing happens!!!


Peter Anderson

Hey Robert,

Would you like to go ahead and Create an Articulate Presenter Package and upload the zip file to us so that our support engineers can take a closer look at what's going on? You can do that here:

Please include the url to this thread when submitting your case, and feel free to leave your case number here so that I can follow it personally. Thanks!

Robert Ashford

Hi Peter,

Not been able to sort it out. I have check to see if there are any items with none alphanumeric characters etc. but the same keeps happening. I've recreating the slide (in question) from scratch but it still happens.

I did upload a zipped folder of the pptx and wave files.

I'm stumpped!