Problems with Bookmarking in Presenter 13

Jan 22, 2014

I am publishing a Presenter 13 course for AICC LMS using the same settings I used with Presenter '09 (prompt to resume; ignore flash cookies) but it does not work. In the LMS environment, the course relaunches from the beginning without any prompt-to-resume option. Running in SCORM Cloud, it set a bookmark the first time I ran it but will not reset the bookmark after subsequent launch/exit sequences. Any ideas what's going on here?

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Barbara Noveau

Update: the course referenced in the prior post runs fine in SCORM Cloud after making one adjustment recommended in the forums (in the configuration.js file, changedĀ REVIEW_MODE_IS_READ_ONLY = false to true). However, after applying a number of different settings and modifications to function and configuration,jg files, the still course will not bookmark in client's LMS (PeopleSoft ELM 9.0). Storyline courses bookmark fine; so do Presenter 09. Presenter 13 will not even offer the choice to resume (even though that is what is specified in the settings). Not getting any support from PeopleSoft. Anybody here have anything????

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Anjana,

Thanks for reaching out.

This last post by Barbara was quite a while ago, and I'm not sure that she would still be subscribed to the conversation here.

Is the bookmarking in your course working as expected in SCORM Cloud as well and you just need some assistance with PeopleSoft or what is the specific question/scenario that we could help you out with?

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