Progress data and resume issue

Hi all

We are experiencing an issue for some of our users whereby they successfully exit the player and data is processed by the LMS, but that the user is taken back to the beginning and all progress is lost. This seems to be only for the odd user...not all.

Here is a summary of thoughts and actions to date:

  1. Have set to "Prompt to resume"
  2. Have set the LMS to always provide resume data
  3. Have asked those affected about browser type/version etc but no apparent pattern


  1. Does progress data only get passed when someone exits? (surely not)
  2. If so, then MUST have caused huge issues for others...I would love to hear about possible solutions as this will be a massive problem for us. If this is the case, the something as simple as a quick internet connection drop or computer freeze people can loose the lot for that session.
  3. If someone clicks "No" when prompted to resume, does this erase progress data?

Thanks for any assistance/thoughts you may have.


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David Burton


If you exit a presentation while displaying a slide that is immediately after a quiz, you may find that the resume feature does not work properly.  For example, you may be taken back to slide one, or you may receive a notification that you cannot proceed until you pass the quiz on the previous slide even if you already passed it.

Please review the following article for more information and a solution:

I hope this helps!