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Nov 13, 2012

I'd like to use Articulate Presenter '09 to publish narrated PowerPoint (2007) lectures and deliver them online as streaming videos. Is this beyond what Articulate can do? If so, what would be the next best option. PowerPoint 2007 doesn't have a video publishing option. Thanks.

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Peter Anderson

Hey Dennis!

Mind clarifying a little about what exactly you'd like to do with your project? Are you thinking something along the lines of YouTube? To upload a presentation to YouTube, you would need to record a video of your presentation using a screen capture program, such as Screenr (, and then upload the resulting movie to YouTube.

This blog article describes how you might accomplish this goal. 

Here's an example of a short presentation on YouTube. 

Dennis Ernst

Thanks, Peter. Actually, we won't be using YouTube, but our company has created our own streaming platform on our web site. We sell access to our own library of training videos that we have produced inhouse. I lecture internationally, and would like to use Articulate to record my narrated PowerPoints for streaming from our website.  Screenr might be an option , but each lecture is about an hour long, with about 60 slides.That's a long time to capture a screen-record and we're finding it kinda clunky to record that long. Also, we're finding problems with unexpected popup windows and email notification sounds that occur during the recording.  That's why we're looking for another option. Your advice?

Peter Anderson

Hi Dennis,

I just want to make sure I'm understanding: you already have your training videos all set up in PowerPoint? If so, you shouldn't have any trouble publishing them in either Presenter or Storyline. Presenter will output the courses for Flash delivery, whereas Storyline can output the courses to Flash, HTML5, or for iPad with our Mobile Player App. Our forthcoming product line, Studio '13, will also deliver these same capabilities. 

Here's how to import PowerPoint into Storyline (which is available for a free 30 day trial). 

And here's how to publish a Presenter course for the web.

Is that the kind of info you're looking for? 

Peter Anderson

Hey Dennis, 

Articulate software does not currently support publishing to a single SWF file. Rather, they produce a collection of files, all of which are necessary for proper playback and functionality. Please review the following articles for more information:


Presenter '09

If your website requires a single swf upload, it doesn't sound like this would be a viable option for you. Otherwise, here's how to use Presenter's web publishing option to turn your presentation into web-ready Flash output

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