Published in Presenter update 6, but HTML5 is still not working in Chrome 44?

Jul 31, 2015

I have updated manually most of my courses with the text replace in the player_compiled.js file, and that is working for the majority of my courses.

I have several courses, however, that the fix did not seem to work for.  I tried republishing those courses with Presenter update 6 (1507.2416), Office 2010 Powerpoint 14.0.5128.5000 and it appears to have the new code in the player_compiled.js file, but it still doesn't work in HTML5 in Chrome 44.

The symptom is that it is not showing any images or text, but it is playing the audio normally.

The offending course output is attached.

I have at least 3-4 other courses like this.  The other 100+ courses have worked fine after the text change.  I've tested publishing other courses with Presenter 6, and they work fine in HTML5, but this and a few other courses do not work in HTML5 even if I republish them.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dan,

Thanks again for sharing the file - I see the same behavior in this set up you shared, but it's not occuring for me on other files published with the latest update. You mentioned the other courses are working fine after the text change - did you try that change on this one as well? Or publishing the other ones with Update 6? If you already have them published have you used the Articulate Updater detailed here? 

I didn't see anything amiss in the file at first look through, so just trying to determine which ones you're able to use and what changes you may have made. 

Dan Naylor


The Articulate Updater, if I run it on this course, does not find any files in need of update.

I can publish other classes in Update 6, and they work great, including HTML5.

I discovered this issue as I went through modifying and testing my courses.  I have about 300 courses, and I was about halfway through when I discovered this issue.  I was applying the text-replace solution, and testing each course with success.  When I reached this class, the text replace did not solve the HTML5 issue, so I republished the course with Update 6.  That also did not work.  In order to verify that Update 6 was working, I tried publishing one of the previous courses (that the text replace was able to fix) and republishing the previous course worked great, HTML5 included.

Since I did not have a solution for UT1010.3s at the moment, I posted here, then continued text-replace updating my courses.  I found 7 more courses like this in the same group, then decided to pause my updating, in case the solution was going to require additional work.

Dan Naylor

I've been experimenting with the course, and it appears that certain themes or designs in Powerpoint have this issue, where others do not.  The one that appears to not work with the HTML5 issues is Apothecary.  All of my courses that have had an issue so have have used it.  I'll let you know if I discover any others.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Dan - I took a look at a one slide project with that theme and it doesn't appear in the HTML5 output in Chrome or Mobile safari, but it does appear in the Mobile player on my iPad. You mentioned this is a newer development, did that same theme previously work in HTML5 for you? Do you have a link to one of those courses already published that I could test in Mobile Safari? I haven't seen any issues reported of particular themes not working across HTML5 output - but when I test it, I can see the background but not the additional placeholder text boxes. 

Dan Naylor

I haven't found any other problematic themes yet.  I originally created these courses in Office 2007, but haven't used it for years.

Some of the courses in the apothecary theme worked fine with the text change fix, but others didn't.  But even the courses that the text change fix worked on, if I republish those courses with the apothecary theme now, they do not work in HTML5.

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