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Aug 13, 2013


I just wanted to ask when we have published a file to LMS with tracking - which file in the package contains the tracking and reporting instructions for the LMS?

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Minh-Triet Nguyen

Hi Stuart,

I'm assuming your publishing with SCORM specification. If you mean, which file tells the LMS what to anticipate, it's in the imsmanifest.xml file. If you mean the instructions that send a student's actual score, time, and completion data to the LMS, that's more complicated.  Looking at the published package, you can find the javascript functions that are used to communicate with the LMS in the lms folder.  But there's no file you can browse that contains the calls to those functions with student data.

Stuart Ryan

OK - great info. I was mainly after this, before we publish we set our completion criteria in articulate. When we package the file with the completion criteria I assume that information is contained somewhere. Our process for hosting on an LMS involves ensuring that our .ini file matches the articulate completion criteria. Becuase we are now going internation with with Articulate our developers don't always get this right and we think it has caused completion problems on our LMS.

We need to investigate but we don't want to open up every single development becuase it is quite a timely process. However if we are able to go to the file in the package that describes to the LMS the completion criteria and see if it matches up with our LMS files we can quickly identify which files we need to amend. The question is can we change it in the edit or do we need to re-open the course and republish?

Minh-Triet Nguyen

If you need to change the triggering event (passing score or percentage of slides viewed) to match a value in the LMS, I think you'd have to re-publish the whole course.  I know there's completion values in the data/presentation.xml file too, but I honestly don't know if editing the completion values there will yield the results you want.

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