Published presentation to itunes locks up during playback.

May 18, 2011

We have a couple presentations that have multiple quizzes and interactions. Some of the presentations are over 70 minutes long and have 10-13 quizzes/interactions. We have some users reporting that they cannot complete the presentation and that articulate simply locks up and won't let them proceed. My question is this. During the presentation, where is the information being stored regarding the users answers to quizzes and activities. Is that information being placed back on the itunes server in the form of flashed based cache? Or is it something else entirely. I'm going to remote into the clients PC and experience these issues first hand later today. If this turns out to be user error, I'll update this post. Still curious about the stored information though.

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Christopher Cummins

Our college has an iTunes server. It's a networked drive that I have a shortcut to on my desktop. I simply place the files in the correct podcast folder or create a new folder. From there I need to get the correct link for the internet. Say for example your iTunes server is setup as a network drive and you can access it from your desktop, it would look something like this in the windows address bar : \\sccxserve1\Documents\Podcasts\ Articulate\player.html or  in your search window. Change the direction of the slashes and point to the correct itunes server and you've done the heavy lifting and you're ready to go. Your itunes link will look something like

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