Publishing problem with Articulate studio 09

Hi, Having a problem when publishing. I have created my articulate presentation which includes engage and quizmaker but when I publish it txt and videos which are contained within the slide dont fit or have moved in the published version.

Do I need to or can I resize the presentation to stop this from happening?

Example is a bubble on a slide with txt in side  it when published now has txt outside the bubble.


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Justin Wilcox

Hi Jenny. This issue is caused by the Text Outline being set to Solid Line versus No Line. That's why the text appears to be bolded and squishy as well. Here's how you can fix this:

Regarding Flash movies not appearing in the correct location, typically this is caused by manually resizing the picture box in PowerPoint. You should create your Flash movies at the size that you want them to be in your presentation and try to avoid resizing in PowerPoint. If that's not what is happening, feel free to send your project files here and we can take a closer look.