Publishing Quizmaker '13 to Presenter '13

May 09, 2016

When I publish a Quiz to Presenter, nothing happens.  I have it set to insert it as a slide in Presenter.  Quizmaker says it's done, but nothing shows in Presenter.

1. I have created a new PowerPoint file as well as a new Quizmaker file and imported all the slides/questions to the new file.

2. I recently installed Camtasia Studio 8 with the PowerPoint Addin.  Since I have had the above issue, I have removed it as an addin from PowerPoint and restarted my PC.

3. I reinstalled/repaired Articulate Studio '13 and rebooted my PC.

Any help would be very much appreciated.  Issues seem to pop up when there is a deadline, not necessarily with Articulate.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Keith -- Thanks so much for reaching out and for sharing the troubleshooting measures you have already attempted! May I ask if you can please confirm that you are following the steps listed here for Publishing a Quiz to Articulate Presenter? If issues persist, we may need to take a look at your files to determine where the disconnect is occurring. 

Please use the steps listed here on how to create an articulate package, and you are welcome to use this form to share for private review. :)


Thank you Christie and your team for all your help.  I can bring in a Quiz from Presenter without issue.  I cannot publish a Quiz in Quizmaker to Presenter, which is the way I have always done it.  It sounds like I need to change my ways and try something different.  So, I will start bringing in the quizzes from the Presenter side.  Thanks again for everyone's help.

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