Questions around custom template creation for Articulate

Oct 03, 2011

Hello Everyone - I'm fielding the question below from a client - if anyone has any insight into this your help is greatly appreciated:

Please see attached the artpkg and Powerpoint files for the custom template I created. Please note that I’ve only been working with Articulate for a very short time – this is the first draft towards creating a custom template and the look and feel will likely change a few times. The attached was basically a dummy with placeholders to use for now.

I managed to get all the controls to link up except for the display mode control, but I think that could be related to my menu problem as I think it has to do with which display setting is enabled in the articulate player settings which get taken across to the xml…

Ok, so the issues/questions I have are:

·         How do I get the menu back? As per above, I think this probably has to do with the display setting selected in the template, but further to this:

·         How do I skin the Menu in flash so that it is part of the custom template and not a Flash object that has to be embedded on every page in Powerpoint? Is this possible? I can’t think why not but I can’t work out how to name everything and link up the flash with xml as I can’t seem to find the info on the instance names used for the menu items. I want to use as much of the existing Articulate functionality as possible, but just skin this so that it fits more with the custom template and our brand.

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