Quizmaker/Articulate Tracking on LMS Server

Mar 20, 2015

I created 3 Modules which include several quizzes in each. The client does not want the score on the quizzes to determine completion/success of the module - only that the module was completed to the end. I published each module as complete/incomplete based on the number of slides in each module but the modules are not clearing the LMS queue when they are completed. Is there something I can do to correct this problem? I was told by our administrator, that often times, the complete/incomplete published files have to be manually cleared from the queue. Is that an Articulate/Quizmaker issue or and LMS issue?

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patty morris

Emily –

Thank you for your response. The content I have to test is HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL and should not be accessible to anyone except myself, for testing purposes only. Can I delete the content following the testing?

The issue our LMS Dept. is having relates to the tracking of the modules. There is a sequence to the order they need to be viewed in. Will the Scorm Cloud allow me to set prerequisites of the modules?

I look forward to your response,


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