Recording "Box"

I remember a discussion (that I participated in) about recording audio outside a studio.

Someone suggested the use of a box with the microphone in it and provided links to commercially available products for this purpose. I can't find the posting and seem to have lost the product name and link.

Anybody remember this -- and can provide a link to the discussion or the product discussed?

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Leah Hemeon

We bought a Portable Sound Booth about 8 months ago. We had a lot of audio to re-record for about 10  courses that required rebranding. We LOVE it. I know there are cheaper alternatives and I did try a box with foam for awhile before the Portable Sound Booth arrived (it got caught up in customs for a couple of weeks) but we weren't happy with the sound quality. The sound book is the perfect shape, very easy to use, and gives us the level of quality we need. I know it's not studio sound but it's close enough for us.

If you don't want to go that route you can do a bit better than regular foam by talking to a local music shop about the proper audio foam. It can be a bit expensive so watch your prices - you might find the Portable Sound Booth a better deal in the end.