Resize Browser to Full Screen, Recent Bug

Sep 24, 2018


Very recently, our Articulate Studio (presenter) 360 courses are not resizing the "browser to full-screen" properly. This is true for new courses as well as previously-published courses. This is true in the Absorb LMS and Blackboard LMS. This is happening in both Chrome and Edge and IE. This is happening on multiple computers in different locations. 

Our clients are accustomed to the browser being forced to full screen.

Any help is appreciated. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Keith.  Thanks for sharing all of those details!  As browsers batten down their hatches, you might find certain features no longer behaving the same way.

For Presenter 360, this chart explains how different features are handled in different outputs.  Check out the Player - Other section. 

In HTML5 specifically, resizing the browser is not supported.  Both Chrome and Edge made changes recently to default to having Flash Player disabled, so typically learners will see HTML5 output on those browsers.  IE usually will display Flash output if it's the default output.

When you publish, what are the options you're choosing?

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