Resume on presentation restart showing older version of course

Sep 12, 2011

Hi All,

I have a problem with an older version of the course showing when the user clicks Yes to the resume where you left off option. It is set to Restricted.

Our "LMS" (cough, cough) is built on Adobe Flex and not really SCORM conformant. It uses a SQL 2005 database to store date.

I have blown away all the caches so I believe it is on the server-side of the house. Plus, we have plenty of room on the suspend_data values. 

 I have a young IT guy who seems to think it's an Articulate problem. I have tested it on the Rustici's SCORM Cloud and it works perfectly!

Can the database be cleared?

Thanks for the help! Scott

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Brian Batt

Hi Scott,

The LMS should just be caching the suspend data.  I've seen some issues with other LMS's like Moodle that won't properly update a course when you upload a new one.  Instead of replacing all of the files, the LMS will try to figure out which files have changed and replace them itself.  You might try deleting the content completely off of your LMS & then re-uploading the course.

Scott Lindstrom

Yep, did that this morning after I convinced the IT guy it was not Articulate. It worked as it's supposed to! 

The only problem was it saved the course where I exited during testing. I completed the course and the transcripts reflect this. But, the database is not updating any files once you complete the course. It's the way our database is setup on the Server-side.

I tested it on Rustici's SCORM cloud and it worked perfectly!

I'll continue working with the IT guy to get it straightened out.

Thanks for the advice!

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