Running Articulate 13 presentations on Word Press and Divi

I have been running Articulate presentations on websites built with Dreamweaver for years. It is a simple process. Publish the presentation in Articulate, upload the resulting files to my hosting site, build a page in DW with an appropriate link the the whole thing plays nicely. 

We are finally moving from DW to Wordpress, using the Divi theme. I want to be able to do the same thing - publish in Articulate and then just link to a blog post or other page on the WP site using the Divi Builder.  Can anyone guide me to a post or a site on the web which explains hot to make this happen? 

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Roelf Woldring

Figured out how to do this 


1. Publish the presentation in 13 so that it is completely responsive 


Custom option tab on Player in Articulate Tab in PP

Resize browser to optimal size

Scale player to fill browser window


Use Filezilla to upload the published folder to your website 


Get embed code for WP from

Replace the url in the embed code with the full url of the uploaded presentation.html5 file 

Paste the result in the the text tab of a text section on WP