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Mar 27, 2014

I think my question will be a very quick and easy one for you.  I have Articulate Presenter 09, along with Quizmaker 09, Engage 09 and Video Encoder 09.  I want to capture screen movements-  the series of steps in using a software program, for example.  I can't find a way in any of these products to do that.  I see that Video Encoder allows me to import video, and also to record using my webcam.  But I don't see a way to do a screen capture video. 

Am I missing something... or is this a task that requires Storyline or another product to do.  Thanks.  Julie C.

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Chris Janzen

Storyline allows me to actually test users from a screen recording. Does Presenter support that? Or, if not, can I record my screen actions and then save them as test steps in Storyline, then import that slide into PowerPoint/Presenter?

Or, alternatively - if I create the course in Presenter/PowerPoint, can I then import those PowerPoint slides into Storyline and retain all of the Presenter functionality?

Chris Janzen

I actually do want to utilize the screen recording functionality of Storyline, but I'd also like to take advantage of the more efficient audio/animation synchronization that Presenter provides.

For the interactive simulations, though, to state my question more clearly, I should have explained what I want to do with the interactive piece. What I was hoping to be able to do was to be able to create one-step recordings, and put them into an assessment quiz. So, for example, if you need to click on a button to email a file, I wanted to take a screenshot, record clicking on just that button, and then be able to have a question in the assessment quiz that read:

Click on the screen control that allows you to send a file to a customer:

There are ways that I can do it without using screen captures, such as tagging four controls with numbers, and then asking the question:

Which control allows you to send a file to customer:

1. Control A

2. Control B

3. Control C

4. Control D

But if I could set it up so that they had to click on the actual button, that would both help to reinforce how to actually use the tool, and be easier for non-native English speaking people to understand what is being asked.

So there's my dilemma - I've been playing around with it somewhat, but it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to take advantage of both features.

Chris Janzen

Inserting a screen recording in test mode in Storyline works fine, although the hotspot question type actually looks like it may very well be the faster/better way for me to do what I want.

The root problem is that in order to use both the Storyline screen recording functionality and the Presenter animation/audio synch feature, I need to be able to either import my Presenter slides into Storyline, or import my Storyline slides into Presenter. You've already confirmed for me that the second option is not supported, and at this point the problem is that I am running into issues with the animations I create in Presenter not importing into Storyline consistently.

The animations that aren't working for some slides after I import are the same types of animations that are working for some slides after I import, so it's not a compatibility issue, but it may very well be that while they are the same types, I'm not creating/configuring them in the same way, so at this point in time, I think that that's what I need to be digging into.

Thanks again for all of your assistance!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Chris - is it animation that you cannot create in Storyline?

We have some documentation on what to be aware of when importing from Powerpoint as well as what is supported.

Sounds like you are having some inconsistency though. Are these issues within the same file or do you have issue across Storyline files? If it's the same file, you may want to import into a new file to see if that alleviates the issue. If across files, you may want to consider a repair to your software.

Chris Janzen

No, the animation can be done in Storyline. It's the ability in Presenter to time animations with audio while you're recording the audio that is really the only feature I want to take advantage of, as it would save me hours if not days synchronizing animations and audio "manually." If Storyline supported that capability, I'd just do everything in Storyline.

I think that it's across Storyline files, and I was even thinking that I should check for updates to PPT - as far as I know, I'm running the latest version of Presenter '13, based on the version and update number in the attached file. But I may just try the repair and see if that does in fact resolve it.


Leslie McKerchie
Chris Janzen

Leslie, thanks. I've actually gone through quite a few of the Storyline videos, but it was helpful to be reminded of these ones and scan through them again.

But, I have to say, while they're helpful, it's pretty hard to beat that whole record and click synchronization feature that Presenter has. I'd love to see that in Storyline as well. :)

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