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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Sheri: How are you sharing it? You might try publishing-to-web option, if you are not doing that already. I usually take it a step further and publish the file to the web and then actually view it on the web via dropbox.

Your coworkers computers may have settings that are interfering with the video/screenrs. Pretty common. --Daniel

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sherell,

Thanks for sharing the link to your published output here, but I wasn't able to open it. When you publish to web, you'll want to then test the published output within the intended environment, not test it on your local drive.  If you're able to share the Presenter files with us here or share them with our team privately we'll be happy to take a look.  You'll want to create a Presenter package to send along all the files. (Presenter 09 directions.)