Seekbar stops progressing when I switch to another tab in HTML5 player for both Presenter and Storyline 360

I just noticed that if I have an HTML5 presentation or story running in one tab (Google Chrome, IE 11, or Firefox) and I switch to another browser tab, when I switch back, the seekbar starts from the same place it was at when I switched tabs, no longer matching the audio. Then when the audio runs out on the slide, the player waits for the seekbar to reach the end before it progresses to the next slide. 

This is in a presentation where the seekbar is locked down if that matters.

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cicivyond arti

Hello everyone,

We are using storyline 360 version 3.38.21861.0. When we are taking LMS output with SCORM2004 for our project, We're experiencing same issue. When we switch the tabs, synchronization between seekbar and video content get lost.

We also tried to take a web html5 output and there was no problem about synchronization. Player stops when users change the browser tab which we also want to do that in LMS SCROM2004 output.

We need to take SCORM2004 output for our lms, so is there a way to get a LMS output with SCORM2004 without any synchronization problem?

Thanks in advance

Lauren Connelly

Hi cicivyond arti!

Thank you for providing these details! I'm happy to help!

It sounds like when publishing the course for LMS using SCORM 2004 you're noticing the seekbar doesn't sync if a user was to switch between tabs. 

We have logged this bug for Storyline 360, but the fix was released in Update 9. Let's get our Support Engineers involved! Would you mind sharing your file with us? If so, here's a private upload link for you.