Tabbed quizmaker looses seekbar in Presenter 13


I have a video embedded in a single quizmaker slide that works fine from Quizmaker with the seekbar in the player. I have the Quizmaker player set to display seekbar. When inserted as a tab in Presenter, the seekbar is not visible. It does not matter whether or not the seekbar in the Presenter player is enabled or disabled, the seekbar in the Quizmaker tab does not display. I would strongly prefer not to have the video controls turned on because that control takes up space making my video smaller.

Is there a way to get the Quizmaker seekbar to display?

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Ben Boozer

My purpose is to have short video tutorials on the tabs that the user can launch whenever they want. Engage would have been nice but the video dimensions are so limited. A blank Quizmaker slide is perfect to put a 800x600 video on. It would also be very nice to be able to hide the buttons on the tab without me having to modify the frame.xml file to hide them.