Seeking asssitance with Presenter 09 not rendering embedded video


We have a new web server and I am seeking a list of required extensions for playback of embedded videos within a PowerPoint slide that is published via Articulate Engage.

I think the issue is an extension required because the presentation will play but when it moves to a slide with an embedded video all that displays is a flash circle (please see attached image.) I sent our internal web individual a list of required extensions that I found inside of the published output folders. Here is what I sent:

Jscript Script File

MP4 Video

SWF file

HMTL Document

GIF File

JPG File

XML Document

and MPEG Layer 3 Audio

but he says "these all end in HTML and not what he is looking for." Any ideas?

Thank you!


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Cindy Sharon

Ok so now I really need some advice. Last week we were able to turn on the appropriate settings so the web server can render slides with embedded videos. This week however, is a different story. Four of us went to the same URL to open some recorded sessions. Two of us were successful in watching the slides with the embedded videos and two of us were not!!! So odd. Any ideas? We were all watching the exact same videos from the same URL etc. Appreciate any advice!

Cindy Sharon

Hi Ashley - thank you for your responses. I actually did not see them until after rebooting to test if the enabling of the flash player would work. (neglected to do this on the new laptop.) On another note, are you familiar with integrating Articulate Engage presentations with web servers via a third party application called "WebHelp". This third party also works with RoboHelp and that is what our documentation specialist uses. I am seeking any tips or suggestions for implementing MP4 videos in particular. Not sure there are any but if any or known would love to learn of them. Thank you, Cindy