Web object not displaying in slide Help

Hi all,

I just embedded a video link as a web object in presenter 09.When I go to preview, I get a script error pop up .Then I get an error loading player message on the video page.I have cleared my cache yet not resolved.When i test the link it works fine.I published the course and still get a pop up java screen alert. Any help would be appreciated.I have attached all three messages in a word document.



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Maurine  Kwende

I have created a test course, embedded the link and get the same issue.I used another link and it seems to work.I use the links that work in first course and get the same script error message. Im not sure what is going on.I have embedded link as web object many times and have never had this issue and do not seem to be dong anything wrong.

I really appreciate your help, I'm working on a tight deadline.