Share Presenter 13 project with SME's

Jun 18, 2015


I am stumped as to how to share a Presenter 13 project with SME's that do not have Articulate. I have published to web and tried sending it via DropBox, I've created an Articulate package and sent that, but only the original PPT, etc. show up when the SME unzips the package.   What am I doing wrong?



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Jann Iaco

I answered too quickly.
So now I cannot get it on Google Drive -- too large. So I zipped the
'published to CD' file and success! But then when I shared the zipped file
with a recipient . . . they try to unzip and it is causing confusion
because many, many files open up and then they try clicking on all of them
to no avail. The presentation won't open.



Scott Burnett

So I am not one of the e-learning heroes, so let me help as much as I can.

I attached an example of my template I use. I published this using the CD option.

You should see a file called presentation.html. I would open (or at least should open) the presentation in the web browser.

Jann Iaco

Yes, they had to unzip it. It wouldn't open otherwise and then there were
oodles of files and the Launch Presentation icon was no where to be found.
To check this out I sent it to my personal email. First issue was that
Google wouldn't let me send it, so that could be a company thing. It just
one of those frustrating days!

Thanks for reaching out to help.

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