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Nov 16, 2013

I just upgraded to PowerPoint 2013 (from 2007) and Articulate 09 to 2013 Pro.  There seems to be a learning curve on both fronts.  I took an existing 09 course and converted it to 13 and now seem to have a problem with the slides advancing automatically after the animations are complete.  It worked fine before, there is no voice over, but I did add a mp3 song to the 2007 PowerPoint to play in the background.

After the conversion, the slides advance quickly and does not allow the animations to complete for each slide.  When I go into Articulate Sync Animations, it does the same thing.  I have tried many things in the slide transitions (i.e. duration, advance slide time, etc.).  Any help would be much appreciated.

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Russell Still

That's a new "feature". In '09, the slide didn't advance until either (1) the audio track completed, or (2) the animations completed, whichever was longer. In '13, the audio track is now in charge of the slide timing.

It sounds like you don't have an audio track, but are using a playlist. Playlists don't impact slide timing. So, the slide thinks it has zero seconds of audio. There's a setting that tells your project how long to sit on slides with no audio. After that time passes, your slide advances even if they animations aren't complete.

It's something that I hope they'll fix in the next update. I have to add x-number of seconds of silence at the end of audio tracks to allow the animations to complete.

Ke Lo

Russ, I sincerely thank you for your reply with a great explanation.  Yes, I don't have sound clips on this particular course.  I am moving to a new LMS system and have to upload over 100 courses.  Many of these courses have animations that play out after the voice over is complete.  The problem is I didn't note which slides in my 100+ courses have this situation.  Articulates lack of continuing, what I felt was, a great feature has caused me to re-animate each of the 100+ courses when I re-upload or at the very least look at every slide to ensure everything is working.  Yes, I am a little lazy sometimes and assume my software is doing it's job.  Of course I must be a minority to have wanted this feature since it was discontinued.

Again, thank you Russ  for saving me hours of frustration to figure the problem out.  I now can move forward with hours of re-animation, thank you Articulate.

Russell Still

It's a real nuisance, Ke. I've spent countless hours going back and tweaking audio, adding seconds of silence on the end of each track so that the slide wouldn't advance until after the animations were complete. Easiest way I found was to use Presenter's audio editor, then use the "Silence" feature to insert a specified number of seconds onto the end of the audio for that slide. It's still quite frustrating and time consuming. Let's hope for a change to this in the next release but I suspect it was made like this as some kind of HTML5 workaround. Just a guess.

Richard Sandberg

Hello, I don't know if anyone has found a solution today, although I ran into the same issues, but I managed to find a work around for this. Instead of having everything in one slide you have two slides, first slide with all the in-animations that goes to the next slide by click. Second slide has no transitions, although it should have the out-animations you want. In the second slide make sure to set it so it moves to next slide after 0 seconds. This was the trick for me.

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