SOS What will happend when Flash and Java no longer support will effect us?

Jan 29, 2016


Well,I'm not pretty sure about this issue already been discussed or not.

After yesterday's workshop, we found out that Flash won't update and been support ever will be a serious problem for people like us to build training courses, because what presenter published was almost 50% up combine with the swf file, is there any chance that flash (and java) no longer support will effect course building?

p.s1 I've tried published with the HTML5 mode, but it seems not work very well on my mobile device, even my computer,so i'm actually very nervous about this issue.

p.s2 Or maybe I should use Storyline instead of Presenter to make sure that what we made can be 100% correct on the LMS Platform and mobile devices?

Really need answers or somebody will cut off my head lol



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Allen Keele

Publishing to HTML 5 results in a very poor presentation compared to Flash. Simple PowerPoint animations such as bullets appearing on click actions have erratic behavior in HTML 5 that does not replicate with Flash. Sometimes only the bullets (default, not even custom)  do not appear; sometimes the bullets and the text do not appear (blank slide) as the synchronized audio runs.

I've reported this before, get it confirmed as an issue, but it has never been fixed. It's always been another one of those Articulate bugs that are not a priority, but are promised to be considered in another update revision. For years.

I gave up hope in ever seeing it fixed, and just settled for knowing that it at least presents nicely through Flash.

Now what? Has the product I invested in (Studio '13) largely gone obsolete?

Allen Keele

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Allen Keele

The link behind the text simply got truncated from the reply. Here is is again : exam 

I already provided packages in the past. The problem was already replicated by your side. 

Unfortunately,  I cannot repackage right now because of an unrelated issue that I created a ticket for this morning. 


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