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We are working with a Company who needs a whole host of modules produced now, but ultimately they want HTML5 compatibility to access through iPads/mobiles etc.  Will modules created and published in 09 be easily converted in 13?  And is there ANY indication of when 13 will be released.  Do we also know whether 13 will be completely Windows 8 compatible - life is getting very complicated!

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Nicole Legault

Hi there Jo! Welcome to the community.You may want to take a look at this page for an overview on Studio '13 features. We'll update the page as we have more information around release dates and pricing/upgrade options. If you would like to be the first to know about updates and product releases, I would encourage you to subscribe to Gabe Anderson's blogYou can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  Sorry that we can't offer more information than that at the moment... I understand your frustration, and we're doing everything we can to get it to our customers as soon as we can!! Thanks! =)

Ryan Healy

I don't mean to be rude, but this is a perfect example of a non-answer and a staff member completely ignoring a customers question. Nowhere on that page does it say anything about converting 09 modules to 13 so how is linking to it an answer?

I understand that Articulate is working hard to put together the best product they can for Studio 13, but the amount of dodging this company has done in regards to customer questions is unacceptable. There are a lot of people out there who use Articulate 09 who need to know certain things about '13 in order to make very real world business decisions.

Asking if 09 modules will be able to be converted/imported to '13 is not a complicated question and there is no excuse for the company not to answer it. If the answer is no, say no. If the answer is yes, say yes. If the company doesn't even know yet, then that tells me that they're a lot farther behind in development than they let on.

So either you don't know in which case we might as well call this Articulate Studio '15, or you do know, in which case, why keep customers in the dark?  It's ridiculous.

Liana Venter

Thanks Ryan and Jo,

I agree. The preview of Articulate 12 was already available in June 2012 and ever since everyone's been waiting with baited breath for the new release but alas still no definite/approximate  date or year in sight for the new release. We keep seeing previews but there are no assurances when it will ever see the light of day. Budget constraints and project deadlines makes it more and more difficult to hold out for the promised released. The limitations for mobile deployment and the ever extending launch date, necessitates one to start looking at alternative software solutions. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Darren! Welcome to the Heroes community. 

 All of the Studio '13 products are now in Beta testing and all of us are anticipating and looking forward to the release. We're all excited for the release, and if you'd like to keep up with the latest updates, you can find these on our Word of Mouth BlogTwitter, and Facebook.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

I just wanted to share the most recent update from Arlyn Asch that appeared in this thread -

Arlyn Asch said:

Hi everyone, 

We know you’re frustrated--and we completely understand. We really do. We hate disappointing you more than anything. 

We’re in the final stages of beta testing and are working around the clock to polish the release candidate.

We will release Studio ‘13 in weeks, not months. 

Best, Arlyn

Alphonso Hendricks

Have installed Studio 13 and of course it wiped out my Studio 09. Question, what does it cost to upgrade from 09 to 13? Need to know before my 13 evaluation runs out in 25 days time.

Another question. I have never used PRESENTER - do I have a choice to only upgrade QUIZMAKER, ENGAGE and PLAYER and will this affect the pricing in any way? Or should I rather upgrade entire suite even if I never found a use for PRESENTER? 

Jack Konrath

My colleagues and I have been using Studio '09 since its release. We are now faced with the question of migrating to Studio '13, Storyline ... or sticking with Studio '09 and using flash-to-HTML5 converters when HTML5 is a requirement. In an effort to determine how easy the migration might be, I imported a training module created with Studio '09 tools into a trial installation of Studio '13. Basically, nothing worked. Rather than spend a lot of time trying to solve the import problems, I decided to build a test module representing a training design favoured by our two largest clients. This design consists of "chapters" strung together, each chapter consisting of content followed by quizzing. The learner is required to achieve a passing grade in each quiz before they can move on to the next chapter. They are given just one chance to pass the quiz per pass. Failing a quiz returns them to the chapter's content after which they get another shot at the quiz.

This method depends on being able to re-enter a quiz as though it had never before been taken. It also requires that there be no "retry" for a given pass through a quiz.. Deselecting "Prompt to resume on quiz restart" in the quiz player template and in the quiz properties selecting "User may attempt quiz just once" results in the action we want. These settings remove the "Retake Quiz" button from the quiz summary and, since there is no "Prompt to resume...", when the learner re-enters the quiz from preceding content, the quiz replays as though this is the first time it's been attempted.  (Deep breath here)  In Studio '13, the template metaphor is absent. Most familiar settings are still there, but those that have changed seem to make the navigation design we're seeking undoable. Quiz "Attempts" setting seems to be replaced by "Allow User to Retry quiz". "Prompt to resume..." is now replaced by three possible actions in Player/Properties/Other/Resume: "Always", "Never" & "Prompt". So far we've been unable to find settings that allow a quiz to restart upon reentry that doesn't also provide a "Retry" button on the quiz summary slide, nor can we get the quiz to play upon reentry. Rather, it goes right to the quiz summary slide. 

Has anyone else seeking this form of navigation found a way to do it in Studio '13???

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jack,

For the Quiz "attempts" you can determine if there should be no additional attempts (leave the box for allow user to retry quiz blank) or a set number of attempts (select the box and use the drop down number list) so that functionality is still consistent. In regards to the Prompt to resume, this actually allows a bit more flexibility as you could determine if they should Always resume - pick up where they left off. If they've passed the quiz before leaving the course, they won't be able to retake/retry the quiz which sounds like the behavior your'd like? You could also set the Resume to never - but this would start the entire course from the beginning. There are some known reasons why the resume data may not track as expected in Studio 13, but a few workarounds are also suggested here. 

If I'm misunderstanding the behavior you'd like to see, could you offer a bit more explanation? 

Jack Konrath

Hi Ashley,

Let me describe the behaviour I'm seeking in a different way. We want a learner to review some content and then take a quiz to determine their comprehension and retention. If they fail the quiz, they are returned to the preceding content to review and then take the quiz again. They do this as many times as it takes them to pass the quiz. When they do pass, they proceed to the next content section. This is very much like a Mario Brothers game.

In Studio '13, the problem seems to involve our need to allow unlimited quiz attempts ... but not from within a quiz. There can be no "Retry" button on the quiz summary page. The only way a learner can be permitted to "enter" a quiz is from the preceding content. This is easy to do in Studio '09:

1. Open the quiz in Quizmaker.

2. Go to "Player Templates" - in "your template name" - edit > Navigation

3. Uncheck “Prompt to resume on quiz restart” (****This setting is KEY!!!)

4. Save and Return to Presenter

5. On the PowerPoint quiz placeholder slide In "Properties" , set "User may attempt quiz just once".

The settings above make the "retake quiz" button disappear since the quiz is set to be taken "just once", but since we've turned off "prompt to resume", the next time you enter the quiz from preceding content, the quiz will reload as if it had never been taken.

In Studio '13, there doesn't seem to be a way to make the quiz player start the quiz from the beginning each time the quiz is entered from the preceding content. The only way I've been able to make a quiz restart from the beginning is with the "Retry" button on the quiz summary slide... which is not what I want. 

This is a considerable problem for us because of the commitment our clients have to this Mario Brothers technique. If Studio '13 can't replicate the behaviour we're providing with '09, we won't be able to upgrade. Surely we can't be the only ones utilizing this technique... can we?

Linda Keith

I need some help. Just upgraded to Studio 13. I have 21 modules built in Studio 09 with some quizzes dating back to the good old .aqp days.

Problem Number One: The aqp files could be opened in quizzmaker 09 and would be converted to .quiz. But they do not even open in quizzmaker 13. Do I have to recreate them from scratch?

Just opened a PPT with a course created in Studio 09 or maybe the prior version. Here is the error message i am getting:

this is scary because as Studio 09 overwrites Studio 13 if I cannot republish my courses in Studio 13 I am toast.

Linda Keith

Just did a more recent course that I am sure was created with Studio '09. What was the version before '09 and if we have courses created in that version, what do we need to do. I still have Studio '09 on another computer. I can open older courses, republish the quizzes, interactions and presentations using Studio '09. Then do it again in Studio 13. Does that sound like the right plan?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jack,

Thanks for providing some further explanation. So it sounds like previously in Studio 09, you had disable the prompt to resume within Quizmaker, but not within Presenter - so then the Quiz wouldn't resume if that's where they left off but when accessing the Presenter course again, the user would receive the prompt (or always resume) and then would be able to reenter the quiz as if it was the first time? The resume behavior was handled by the player properties, and now that there is a seamless player between all the Studio 13 products, the resume behavior is dealt with by the main Presenter set up.  You can change the quiz properties to determine what happens when the user fails, as you'll see in the image below - you could choose what slide they should go to next, and it could be the previous content slides. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Linda,

Files created in versions prior to Studio 09 won't be able to be automatically upgraded in Studio 13, but as you mentioned, if you have courses created pre-Studio 09, and you still have access to Studio 09 I'd upgrade them there first, and then upgrade those versions in Studio 13. Some elements such as the community interactions are no longer available in Studio 13, so you'll want to keep that in mind while upgrading. 

You could also  move the PowerPoint file from a pre-Studio 09 course to a new folder by itself. This disconnects the PowerPoint file from its original Presenter resources. When you open it with Presenter '13, it'll be treated as a new Presenter project (rather than being upgraded).

Jack Konrath

Hi Ashley,

We have no problem determining what happens when a learner passes or fails. The problem is that we cannot find a way to allow them to re-enter a quiz from preceding content if they've previously failed (or passed) that quiz. No matter how many times we reenter a quiz, we want:

a. The quiz to be reset as though it's never been taken.

b. Interact with the LMS to erase/overwrite any previous attempt

Studio 13 appears to disallow this behaviour while Studio 09 allows it. Studio 09 controls quiz attempts in two ways: at player start and during player progress. Studio 13 seems to disallow restarting a quiz from the beginning except from a retry button on the quiz summary slide. In our case, we never want a learner to retry a quiz from within the quiz. We only want them to retry a quiz by re-entering the quiz from previous content... no matter how many times they've taken the quiz before.

If there is a way to restart a quiz unconditionally on reentry into the quiz... no matter if it's been taken before and no matter if it's been passed or failed before, that is the action we're looking for. Can Studio 13 do this??? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jack,

I've gone ahead and opened up a case on your behalf as I'd like to have our team take a look at the behavior you're trying to set up and more fully test what's happening. If you have a Studio 09 file to share with them as well that has your originally desired behavior that would also be great. You should receive an email shortly requesting your files, and I'll continue to follow along as well. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jack,

I'm just following up and it looks like Gren checked with our QA team regarding this and I also wanted to share this KB article regarding how now that there is a unified player, the settings you enable within Presenter 13 will also apply to your embedded Quizmaker or Engage interactions.