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Feb 21, 2017

My Team use Studio 13' daily, and we push the limits of the software daily.  Our hardware setup, i7-6700 @3.4 GHz; 32 GB RAM; 64 Bit Windows 7 OS, is above the minimum.  We are plagued with glitches, and have no answers.  Here are three glitches with our work around:

Open 2 PPT at one time.  If we are working in the Articulate add-on, we have to save and close the PPT.  Open the other PPT and then reopen the original to simply copy a slide or portion of a slide.

Adding Audio in a bulk format, i.e. highlight frames 2 – 10 to add audio and then selecting audio files frame 2 – 10 [9 files] and they all show correctly, then after import one of the frames might be file Frame 13 or other non-selected file.  To avoid this we have to load each file individually to each frame.

My final example, but not the only one left, pertains to publishing.  We have to publish and Zip the folders only to our harddrive [C:] if we try to use a network drive the files are corrupted and do not work.  If I move the Zipped File to a network drive and extract the files only the HTML5 presenter works.

Are we running the correct Hardware?  It is above the minimum as far as we can tell.

What Security programs and settings are recommended?

Are there any other people having these types of issues?

We are looking to move to the 360 platform, but our managers want to know the system works.  We are in need of assistance.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jerrold,

I'm sorry that you've run into so many roadblocks and headaches with this and my suggestion in addition to posting here in the E-Learning Heroes forums is to also start a Support Case with our Engineers which it looks like you've done and you're working with Rowie (# 01019526 for my reference) so I'll follow along in that as well to share the updates and resolutions here. 

Hopefully while you continue to work with Rowie others in the community can share their expertise and experience for working with Studio '13 and that type of Windows set up. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jerrold,

It looks like Rowie sent some additional information to you in regards to the Presenter file. I wanted to share the last bit of information from the email here:

1. Thanks for confirming the version of Microsoft Office. You are using the supported version. 

2. When you create an Articulate Package this will automatically include the .PPT file, .PPTA file and the Engage and Quiz files from your project. You can save a copy of the project from your Network but we don't recommend accessing it directly or working on the project which it is saved from the Network. 

3. I'd recommend to cleanly reinstall and follow the steps on the link which I have provided if the issue persists even on a newly created project file. No need to coordinate with our Registration Team or Product Activation for cleanly reinstalling. 

4. It could also be an issue with security so we advise also to check with your IT for any restrictions applied on your account. We don't have a list of updates provided by Microsoft but generally Windows updates should be enabled or scheduled so that your OS will be up to date. 

Let Rowie or I know that if you need anything else. 

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