Studio 13 and Storyline 1 Not Working Again??? (Windows/Flash Update?)

Mar 11, 2015

Guys, sorry in advance for the frustration, but what the heck is going on with Articulate 13 and Storyline 1?  A couple of months ago,  I applied the updates to address the Windows/Flash update issue from December,  and everything seemed to work fine.

I was just doing some work, and my laptop unfortunately restarted and applied some Windows updates.  And guess what - neither product works again!  Same message as before, having to do with needing Flash 10 or whatever.  I've been a fan of Articulate since discovering Presenter 2009 in 2009...but I need a reliable product!  I needed to get some work done this morning for an online class and now I'm dead in the water, once again.

Any advice???

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Tim Danner

My colleague just encountered an issue in Presenter '13 after she installed a number of Windows updates this morning, a couple of which were to PowerPoint 2010 (32 bit). All of the audio in the PPTA file for the project she was working on disappeared.

I pulled a copy of the files she had archived yesterday on an external drive to another workstation that also had Window updates installed this morning, and the audio was also missing from the PPTA file. She also had gotten an error message from Engage, I believe, that a Windows component was missing. Outside of her PPTA file, everything else Articulate related was fine on the other workstation with other files I checked. My computer, which still has '09 installed, didn't seem affected.

I am wondering, though, if the massive Windows updates that arrived starting yesterday didn't screw up Articulate Studio '13 in some way.

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