Studio 13 course behaves erratically in Chrome; plus issues with .mov files

I have a new course which plays OK in Internet Explorer, and in Firefox. However it behaves unpredictably and erratically in Chrome (67). The couse comprises a number of silent .mov movies created on an iPad, linked to a menu system. Each movie has a separate audio file. Sometimes the movie fails to start but the audio plays; sometimes the movie plays but the audio doesn't; sometimes both play OK.

The movie files were created on an iPad and then edited on a PC using Quick Time pro. The movies play as required in Quick Time player, but when imported to Presenter they display start frames that had been cut from the movie.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Mel.  We are tracking an issue where audio is missing in HTML5 output on random slides in Google Chrome.  Can you share your Articulate Package with me for testing?  I'd like to see your setup and what's happening when I publish.

Currently, your workarounds would include making sure that Flash Player is enabled in Google Chrome, or viewing the content in another browser.  In the meantime, I'll tag this discussion so we can post updates here!