Studio '13 does not respond in PowerPoint 13 (32bit)

Feb 02, 2014


I've recently started using Office 365 with PPT 13 (32bit) and none of the Articulate features are responding. I've tried the tutorial on adding visual components: //

But when I click on 'Change' for the Office program, I do not get the expected pop up. Instead I get this:

Can you help please?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sophie!

First of all, you're not running an online version of Office 365 are you? Supported versions can be found here.

If you are using a supported version, a quick test to discover if Visual Basic is installed is to open PPT and click Alt + F11. If a dialog box opens, then it should be enabled.

I'm assuming that you are following the instructions found here, so the last step may be to do that software repair.

Let me know what you find

Sophie Acomat

Hi Leslie!

So I've tried to look for anything that would give me information about whether I have  an Online version of Office 365 or not and there is nothing. I did get a product key online, does that mean it is an online version?

I have enabled Articulate and now PowerPoint isn't working :=(. Does that mean it is incompatible? If it is, what can I do?


Sophie Acomat

Hi everybody! Sorry for not getting back to you. Unfortunately I was never able to resolve the issue as my version of Powerpoint 13 is not compatible with Articulate at the moment (apparently it is being looked at). What I had to do was to download Office 2010, and now Articulate is working perfectly with the older version. You do not need to delete Office 2013 if you do not wish to, you can just have both versions on your computer.

Hope this helps!

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