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Tom Kuhlmann

Studio is the predecessor to Storyline. With Storyline and Rise in Articulate 360, most people don't use it anymore.

Here's where is still valuable:

  • Engage is still nice if all you need is a simple interaction and nothing else.
  • Even you don't use the course authoring, you get Content Library with the templates and characters. I use those quite a bit for quick graphics that I need to create in Rise.
  • If you already have some existing PPT content and don't need to do much to it, you may find it easier to just publish with Studio than to import into Storyline.
Katie Riggio

Welcome and great question, Francois!

We're committed to supporting Studio '13, but we haven't made any decisions about developing a new perpetual version of Studio.

Our first priority is delivering a continuous stream of new features and content to Articulate 360, as the vast majority of our customers are using Articulate 360. Using Articulate 360, you'll always get access to the most up-to-date version of Studio.

We know some folks are unable to switch to subscription plans or cloud apps, so if there's anything we can do to help you make the case for Articulate 360 – let us know! We're happy to help. 😀