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Dec 06, 2020


I am using Studio 360 to prepare and publish files to Articulate Online (AOL) and I have experienced several problems with the status of users after the files have been published to AOL and have been viewed by users i.e.

•  The number of slides can exceed 100% i.e.

if a user views a slide more than once, it seems each view of the same slide counts towards the number of slides viewed. Therefore, a user can have 120% “slides viewed” status even if some slides have not been viewed; and

there seems to be an issue with counting quiz slides where the quiz appears as a “single item” in the menu i.e. it seems that each quiz question is counted as a slide viewed even though the quiz counts as only 1 slide in the number of total slides; and

  • Despite selecting "complete/incomplete" option (in the “tracking” panel, under “Properties”) when publishing the file, AOL reports each user’s status as "passed/failed"; and
  • There are negative quiz results in some circumstances – for example, where a user has answered survey questions - but has not answered any of the quiz questions.

I don’t think these problems are caused by AOL i.e. I think the problems are caused by Studio 360. I have raised some of these issues in earlier posts. However, I’m concerned by the following post (on this site):

[Source: Articulate Studio 360 – version history]
December 2, 2020

We froze feature development for Studio 360, meaning we won't make any significant changes to Presenter 360, Quizmaker 360, or Engage 360 going forward. We'll continue to fix issues that stem from operating system upgrades, browser updates, PowerPoint changes, and security vulnerabilities. And we're happy to help when you have questions about transforming presentations into e-learning courses. We believe it’s time to focus our resources on our most popular authoring apps that provide the most long-term value—Storyline 360 and Rise 360.

Please advise whether Articulate will be allocating the resources required to fix the existing problems with Studio 360, resulting in this product being fully functional in the near future.


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Katie Riggio

Greetings, Jon!

I read through your other posts, and I'm sorry to hear that you're having a rough time with Studio 360.

My teammate, Lauren, and I compiled all the relevant info you've provided for John from our senior Support staff. Also, thank you for the opportunity to troubleshoot your Articulate Package.

We'll be in touch in your Teams support case, where you have priority support!