Various problems with Studio 360

Dec 05, 2020


I have a 120-slide PowerPoint presentation (including 30 quiz slides). All slides have audio (providing a narration for each slide). The total file size (including audio) is about 50 MB.

When I publish the presentation in HTML5 format (to Articulate Online) using Studio 360, it takes more than 60 minutes. Preparation (preparing player etc.) takes about more than 1 hour and the upload takes less than 30 seconds (fibre connection - 350 Mbps upload speed).

If I convert the same PowerPoint presentation to Storyline 360, the publishing time drops to less than 5 minutes

There are several reasons why I prefer to use Studio 360 (as opposed to Storyline 360), not the least being maintaining control of the content i.e. I have 30+ presentations (> 2,000 slides supported by > 50 hours of audio commentary) and more than 150 quizzes. This material has been developed  and refined over many years and  I don't want my access to this material to be dependent on me subscribing to a product that's controlled by another party . 

It's difficult to understand why it takes 12+ times longer to publish a presentation using Studio 360 than it takes using Storyline 360 - given that I have chosen the same options when publishing.

I'm also concerned about the number of bugs in Studio 360 i.e. there are fundamental problems with the "completion" options e.g.

  • counting slides viewed (results can exceed 100%); 
  • "passed/failed" results (even though the "complete/incomplete" option has been selected);
  • negative quiz results in some circumstances where a user has answered survey questions - but has not answered any of the quiz questions. 


I have raised some of these issues in earlier posts. However, based on the responses I have received to date, I'm not confident these problems will be resolved in the near future. My concerns were elevated by the following post on this site:


December 2, 2020
We froze feature development for Studio 360, meaning we won't make any significant changes to Presenter 360, Quizmaker 360, or Engage 360 going forward. We'll continue to fix issues that stem from operating system upgrades, browser updates, PowerPoint changes, and security vulnerabilities. And we're happy to help when you have questions about transforming presentations into e-learning courses. We believe it’s time to focus our resources on our most popular authoring apps that provide the most long-term value—Storyline 360 and Rise 360.

[emphasis added]

I signed up for Articulate 360 in good faith and my decision was largely based on a functional version of Studio 360 being made available i.e.  Articulate's promotional material highlighted the need to shift from Flash to HTML5 by 31-Dec-20 and suggested there would be a seamless transition from Studio 2013 to Studio 360. However, this has not been my experience over the last month.   

Please advise me whether Articulate will be allocating more resources to  Studio 360 and ensuring the software will be thoroughly tested and the problems fixed (resulting in a fully functional product) in the near future. 




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Lauren Connelly

Hi Jon!

I'd love to help! It sounds like your project in Presenter 360 is taking far longer to publish than it does after being imported into Storyline 360. I'm so sorry to hear that. I see that you've submitted a case with Gren, one of our Support Engineers, for further troubleshooting. Great call! I've escalated your case to our senior engineers to dig deeper and hopefully find the fix!